Infinity Equity Ventures was created to provide opportunities apart from Infinity Group’s core operating businesses. Its mission is to make investments designed to provide superior risk-adjusted returns in a variety of asset classes.

Infinity Equity Ventures is Infinity Group’s private investment arm. This business unit’s investment activities have been focused in industry sectors where Infinity has developed particular insights but no direct operating capability. These sectors include Energy, Finance, Sports & Entertainment, and Consumer Technology. Infinity has invested significant capital seeking sustainable mid- to long-term value, built on both income and growth strategies.

Infinity Equity Ventures has also established a large footprint in oil and gas properties through its affiliate Olam Energy Resources. The Company invests in both producing working interests and also participates, originates and develops new prospects. Olam has partnered with Maefield Development to pursue early stage oil and gas exploration and development opportunities. The venture’s affiliates regularly participate in new prospects at various stages of development, and are partial to high quality prospects which have reasonable acreage and drilling costs.

Infinity Equity Ventures pursues a focused strategy anchored by our founders’ long-term business ownership culture and on their value investing philosophy. We are committed to investing our capital without the use of risky debt leverage strategies. This conservative approach has produced consistent returns in durable assets while mitigating volatility. Infinity’s management style and investment priorities ensure wealth preservation and moderate growth under varying economic environments.